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Monday 29 December 2014

Have a Wee bit of inspiration for the New Year!

by Stephen B.Chadwick, MA Counselling Psychology.

Dear Friends,

I have been quite busy (unexpectedly) during this Christmas -- Yes, I am saying the "C" word, just as if I would be saying Hannukah -- the "H" word or Ramadan -- the "R" word.

Quite possibly if more religious traditions were respected and understood, one could go back to saying such things, rather than saying: "Seasons Greetings", which regrettably means very little and doesn't convey much of a concept of good will towards your fellow human beings other the winter season greets you with an arctic kiss.

However, I shall be putting out another video very soon on a mental health topic and of course I will return with more information on mental health articles very soon. But for now, here are three "inspirational" videos from three very different women: Lizzie Velasquez, a Texan Woman with a rare disease that does not allow her to gain weight and also a devout (gasp!) Roman Catholic, Maysoon Zayid, an American-Palestinian Muslim woman with Cerebral Palsy and Stella Young, a disabled atheist Australian woman who died recently.